Resin personalized keychains pictured left to right:

clear with pressed flowers (E), holographic foil (G), red glitter (Q), blue chunky glitter (R), clear with pressed flowers (O), mini artifical weed leaves (Q), and black glitter (F)

ALL letters are available for customization. Refer to commisions/contact page for custom letter. 

Personalized Keychains

  • Shipping Policy

    • Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be shipped upon payment clearance. All products are shipped through USPS first class which will always include a tracking number. At this time, JazzitUp Customs only ships within the United States. 

    • Please be aware that once your order is delivered to the post office, JazzitUp Customs is no longer responsible or in control of the package. I am not liable for mistakes made by your local post office. If you face issues, please file a dispute/complaint with the postal service.

  • Care Instructions

    Avoid abrasive surfaces, Use a paper towel and mild window cleaner to remove dust and finger prints, Keep in moderate tempture aresa, Do not leave them in direct light for certain periods of time. Treat like glass.